Are you an entrepreneur, looking for a crypto-friendly country to establish your business? Or a digital nomad, traveling the world living off your crypto investments?

Here are a list of the top crypto-friendly countries for travelers and remote workers.


Portugal is one of the countries with the highest quality of life in Europe, and also one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the bloc.

Personal crypto trades are exempt from VAT and there are no capital gains or income taxes on these transactions.

Note that businesses engaged in crypto-related activities (such as cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain start-ups, or cryptocurrency hedge funds) do not benefit from this exemption. These businesses are charged the usual rate of 21% on company income.

Portugal also offers one of the most attractive residency-by-investment programs worldwide.

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Singapore is a well-known financial center, and runs a progressive regime that has already introduced crypto-friendly legislation. There is zero capital gains tax on cryptocurrency profits.

The country’s regulatory authorities published initial coin offering (ICO) guidelines in 2017, and many merchants around the country already accept BTC and other cryptocurrencies for transactions and purchases.

It’s no wonder that so many cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain startups choose to establish their headquarters in Singapore.

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Switzerland is home to the so-called “Crypto Valley” in Zug where several cryptocurrency and blockchain startups are founded.

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